Available courses


The Airway and Mechanical Ventilation training program equips GPEM physicians with the essential knowledge, procedural skills, and teamwork abilities necessary to effectively manage airway emergencies and provide basic mechanical ventilation support in critical care situations.


The Ultrasonography training program equips GPEM Physicians with the necessary knowledge, technical skills, and clinical competency to incorporate ultrasound imaging into their practice, enhance diagnostic capabilities, improve patient care outcomes, and expand the scope of services offered in primary care settings.

The Rheumatology training program equips GPEM physicians with the essential knowledge, clinical skills, and confidence needed to effectively recognize, diagnose, and manage rheumatic diseases in primary care settings. 

The Research Skills training program equips GPEM physicians with the foundational knowledge, critical appraisal skills, and practical tools necessary to engage in research activities, contribute to evidence-based medicine, and drive innovation in primary care practice. 

The Cardiac Emergency module aims to empower GPEM physician a with the confidence and competence to promptly recognize, assess, and manage cardiac emergencies in clinical practice. 

The course on  stroke for GPEM Practitioners, Residents provides essential knowledge and skills f to effectively recognize, assess, and manage stroke patients. The course aims to improve outcomes for stroke patients and reduce the burden of stroke-related disability and mortality in the community.